Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Werk: Petrocloptrian, Flytaur, Queen Lobster

In this week's Wednesday Werk, we'll look at the Petrocloptrian, the Flytaur, and the dreaded Queen Lobster.

The Petrocloptrians are a sapient, aggressor race scattered throughout the planes.  They ignore things not worth hunting, and compete amongst themselves to bring back the biggest trophies.  Typically working singly, but sometimes working in twos or threes, Petrocloptrians' origins are unknown, but the creatures are definitely alien-seeming: Petrocloptrians float under their own telekinetic power, and appear to have six limbs (and a seventh limb in the form of a prehensile tail).  These creatures could conceivably appear anywhere where blood is shed: in hunting parties, gladiator bouts, and battlefields.

Petrocloptrians develop potent psychic abilities, but these require contact with potential targets and contactees.  Note that Petrocloptrians must also touch other creatures to communicate with them.  Rumors of powerful psychics among their number exist, but most creatures only ever encounter Petrocloptrians on hunting forays.  Presumably, the psions of their race either form another caste or represent a mature specimen, meaning that they are rarely seen outside their extraplanar homes.

Let us hope that is the case.

The Flytaurs are a slightly militaristic scavenger race.  Like the Petrocloptrians, they are frequently met on hunting forays; unlike the Petrocloptrians, they have no sense of self-preservation and can consider anything as "food" if they are sufficiently motivated.  The lack of self-preservation can prompt Flytaurs to use their numbers as military strategy, throwing hordes of drones at an enemy in the hopes of winning a war of attrition.

If you want those aforementioned "hordes of Flytaur troops," here's a minion version for you:

Finally, we have the Rock Lobster Queen Lobster.  This terrible specimen lives in the Bitter Sea, served by hordes of loyal lobster-merfolk hybrids.  Her messengers will demand tribute from any ships pass through the area, and if they refuse, she will rise to the surface with several of her larva-soldiers to annihilate the trespassers.  In addition to her formidable combat abilities, the Queen Lobster is also a powerful psychic, capable of attacking with bursts of pyrokinetic and telepathic energy.  She frequently begins by hitting a ship with Psychoclastic Dysjunction before her larva soldiers surface to finish off the survivors in the charred hulk.

Naturally, one might also want statistics for her larva-soldiers, as well:

And finally, I'm going to link to "Rock Lobster" one more time just to get it thoroughly stuck in your head:


  1. I'll just leave this here as well...

  2. I missed the Queen Lobster, but that's another great idea. This series is a pretty good primer for fourth as well, by exposure over time and a process of intrigued osmosis, and that song is still solid, in both versions.


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