Monday, January 16, 2012

Awesome Posts I Missed

Here's the typical blogroll for you.

Role-Player Hater has been playing with The Random Esoteric Creature Generator.  Here are the Ingot Snakebeetles and the Squamous Fleshbear.  You're welcome.

Monsters and Manuals had a brief writeup of Utolso Varos, the last city on Earth.  I'm enamored of a campaign with only one human settlement in the midst of a vast wilderness, and since Clark Ashton Smith just had a birthday, it's totally appropriate.

Monsters and Manuals also gives us Project Gutenberg Appendix N, the Appendix N for a hypothetical game he'd like to run based entirely on public domain works.  John Carter, Baron Munchausen, and Doc Frankenstein?  Yeah, I'd play in that.

Hereticwerks gives us the Negamorph (Formless Spawn) for Terminal Space as part of their Mythos Future line.  Notable for giving a little a history of the literary development of the creature.

Along similar lines, Hereticwerks also gives a d30 chart of Lovecraftian backgrounds.  You know how Lovecraft's characters get weird inheritances or eldritch genealogies?  Yeah, this does that for your oD&D game.

You can bet that's getting used.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out--the Lovecraftian Traits table is good to go for any system really. We missed Role-Player Hater's Ingot Snakebeetles--those are fearsome little critters. Thanks for pointing that out--we spotted the Squamous Fleshbear but didn't catch the Snakebeetles. Some Scary stuff...Raggi did a great job in building that generator. The M&M post(s) were fun to read--that's a topic near and dear to us!


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