Monday, January 2, 2012

A Very Metal Blogroll

Hereticwerks released a writeup regarding the oft-mentioned Wermspittle.  The shadows lengthen in Wermspittle, and it is best to bar one's doors at night.  And that presumes that you don't actually wish to descend into the sewers — the sewer workers formed a militia because it's so dangerous down there.  Of course, there's probably a lot of neat stuff down there...

Role-Player Hater did a review of Dravakor.  It's a heavy metal-inspired D&D setting for Pathfinder.  Malveesh's empire has outlawed worship (play a divine class at your own peril), and humans are the only race — well, humans and the races they magically engineered, anyway.  Oh, and it's free.

Take us out, Lightning Bolt:


  1. We should start a Lightning Bolt themed D&D game. Quest with Captain Cavemen! Fight 13 kinds of Monsters, like Riffwraiths, MegaGhosts or Dead Cowboys! All on Dracula Mountain! This needs to happen.

  2. Fact: "War Against the MegaGhosts" is the introductory module included with the Galaxies of Blood boxset.

    In a universe of pain, there are only Galaxies of Blood.

  3. Alright, we need to make this happen.


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