Monday, April 13, 2015

Artifact April #13: The Sickening Blade [Dungeon World]

[Dungeon World]

Close, Reach, Ignores armor, +1 damage, 2 weight

The Sickening Blade appears to be a long sword made of some pale material roughly the consistency of metal but warm to the touch.  (Proper analysis would reveal it is some manner of strange bone melded with starmetal.)  In truth, the Sickening Blade is actually some extraplanar protuberance of some Far Realm creature.  At will, the blade can elongate into an ivory tentacle, striking foes up to ten feet away.  Wounds inflicted by the Sickening Blade tend to abscess, requiring healing or surgery lest the victim gain debilities before dying horribly.

It is believed that the Illustrious Menagerie of Peacocks holds the Sickening Blade in their gladiator barracks for special bouts against creatures immune to normal weapons.  How they obtained the blasphemous blade is unknown.

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