Thursday, April 2, 2015

Artifact April #2: Samuel's Eye [Unknown Armies]

[Unknown Armies]

Power: Significant
Effect: Someone using the eye takes no damage from car accidents.  Ever.  Reduce all injury from being hit by a car or being involved in a car accident to zero; even if you get thrown from the car, you take no damage.
Description: The eye looks like a decently-made glass eye with a brown iris.  The eye grants the aforementioned protection from car accidents, but only works if the person is wearing it in their left eye socket (necessitating the removal of her left eye).  Note that it is still possible to be pinned under a car, and you'll probably get knocked down from an impact, but you will not be injured.  However, you are not protected from other injuries you may garner while driving, such as burning yourself on the cigarette lighter or getting shot by the driver who just snapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  While using the eye, an Entropomancer can gain no charges other than minor charges from automotive stunts (you can still look like a tool or get arrested, but you won't get hurt or killed).  Furthermore, involving other people in the stunt may cause you to break taboo (you're making people take a risk that you won't take, because you're not risking injury in the same way they are).  Some dukes claim this is actually Sammy Davis, Jr.'s glass eye, though most think this is probably just a tasteless joke.
What you hear: Word is that the eye was last seen at some weird little occult yard sale in Chicago in 2002.  Some Brock Samson-looking motherfucker known as Jesse Lazarus was reported as buying it, probably keeping in line with his work as a Hollywood stuntman.  Among other things, he did stunt work for 2 Fast 2 Furious before his last known sighting in Las Vegas, singing "Candy Man" on karaoke night at the Stratosphere Crazy Armadillo Tex-Mex Grill & Oyster Bar, in 2005.

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