Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Artifact April #15: Pendant of the Maelstrom [Mage: the Ascension]

[Mage: the Ascension]

5-pt Talisman — Background Cost 20

Arete 5, Quintessence 25

This appears as a piece of amber held about the neck by a silver chain.  Upon closer inspection, one may find the piece of amber to contain a black stone that looks suspiciously like the bone in one's fingertip.  In truth, this is a piece of spectral plasm which allows the wearer to command corpses to rise.  When one yells at the corpse, a face rises from the amber and shouts the same commands at the shambling cadavers.  Its voice is a low whisper that can be heard above the loudest din.

[This pendant uses a Life 4/Matter 3/Prime 3 Effect to raise corpses and a Mind Effect to control them.  Roll the pendant's Arete, difficulty 8, to raise a corpse.  Seven successes are required (+1 for every corpse beyond the first to be raised).  Corpses thusly raised are under the command of the pendant's wearer.  This is usually highly Paradoxical, save in places where the Nephandic paradigm reigns supreme.

[Corpses animated by the Pendant have Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 4, Brawl 2, and always act last in a turn (unless there are mitigating circumstances).  They have zero Willpower points to spend, but resist mental attacks as if they have Willpower ratings of 10.  All Mental and Social ratings are zero for a reanimated corpse, and zombies never attempt to dodge.  Zombies' dice pools are not affected by damage, except that caused by fire or the claws and teeth of supernatural creatures.  Most zombies have 10 health levels, but they are incapable of healing any damage they suffer.]

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