Thursday, April 16, 2015

Artifact April #16: Iron Phylactory [Mage: the Ascension]

[Mage: the Ascension]

4-pt Talisman — Background Cost 17

Arete 4, Quintessence 20

The Iron Phylactory is a metallic suit of armour created by Kabbalic magics, allowing a spirit to possess it and use it as a body.  The Iron Phylactory activates with the expenditure of a point of Quintessence (though, due to Effects on the suit, petitioning spirits may spend Essence or Pathos, as appropriate) and a roll of the suit's Arete, difficulty 7.  Three successes are required.  Once activated, the suit becomes an extension of the wearer's body, thereby allowing the wearer to manifest physically without the need for the Materialize Charm or Embody Arcanos (or the Shroud-Rending Arcanos, for spectres attempting to perceive past the Shroud).  The suit has eight health levels and does not take wound penalties.  Furthermore, a character in the suit has Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5 as well as three extra soak dice, claws dealing Strength +1 lethal damage, and the ability to soak bashing and lethal damage with equal facility (they may soak aggravated damage with their three dice of armour, as per usual).  While in the suit, characters take half bashing damage after soak, and also take bashing damage from firearms (just as undead do).  Characters in the suit are also highly resistant to temperature extremes (particularly cold) and immune to poison, disease, and similar maladies that would not affect an object.  If the suit is destroyed while a spirit is inside, the spirit is dispelled, but otherwise takes no other damage.

The suit appears as a rather imposing suit of armour with talons tipping the fingers and toes.  The face is comprised mostly of two wickedly curved eye holes.  When the suit is invested with a spirit, the eye holes glow red.  The Hebrew word for "Truth" is covertly inscribed inside the helmet of the suit; if the writing is altered, it is possible to destroy the suit without overt attacks.  The suit is also cloaked in black fabric, making it occasionally difficult to tell that the person is only a metallic suit (and not, say, someone wearing a strange suit of armour).  Wearers invested in the suit have an effective Appearance 1.

The suit also has a version of the Seven-League Stride rote called the Kefitzat ha-Derekh; this allows the character to teleport through the use of Correspondence 3.  Roll the suit's Arete to initiate the Effect.

While invested in the suit, the wearer may use the suit's Quintessence as an Essence/Pathos supply, as necessary.

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