Thursday, April 9, 2015

Artifact April #9: The Key of Perception [Mage: the Ascension]

[Mage: the Ascension]

10-pt Artifact

This Artifact pipe was created by the Dreamspeaker Master from Louisiana, Mama Simone St. Jude — notable as one of the few surviving Masters on Earth — as a gift to the members of the famous Sons of Ether cabal, the Prime Contraption.  (It still resides in the Chantry house of their inheritors, the legendary Invictus.  As the cabal that essentially broke the back of the Ascension War in New York City, they're well known in tales among American magi.)  It allows the user who undergoes the proper rites and smokes the proper plants to detach her mind from her body and travel to higher realms of consciousness.  In other words, this sends the user to the Umbra in an astral body, thusly bypassing the Avatar Storm and allowing the user to enter the Umbra nonetheless.

In game terms, this Artifact uses Mind 5, Prime 2, Spirit 3 to allow the user to use the Astral Sojourn rote and travel to the Umbra.  The user can remain detached as long as she would like, though she may wish to take other precautions not to dehydrate, atrophy, or starve if she will be taking a prolonged journey into Astral Space.

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