Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Werk: An Introduction

Here's the deal:

A little while ago, I wrote this post.  In the aforementioned post, I gave 4e statistics for Hereticwerks' brilliant gore-worms.

Well, a conversation happened in the comments, and garrisonjames mentioned doing more Labyrinth Lord to D&D 4e conversions.

So, here it is.  There are a lot of truly inspired ideas over there, and if the oD&D format doesn't float your boat, maybe this will help.

Also, unless otherwise stated, assume that whatever I post hasn't been playtested, so if it murders your entire party, cherish the horror and make new characters?

I guess you can submit feedback if you actually use them before I do.

View the most recent Wednesday Werk entry here.

Table of Contents

1. Gronk Sword, Octoscholar, Synchronocitor

2. Gronk

3. Petrocloptrian, Flytaur, Queen Lobster

4. Bruthem, Glimp-Shell, Xulg

5. Irving the Impressionable Shoggoth

6. Acephali, Almas

7. Candle Head, Grikflit

8. Zaldrim, Scarletscales

9. Walmakash, Urglun

10. Triloo, Rattong

11. Quindra, Hallimox

12. Phorain

13. Ordrang

14. Pseudoblepas, Nerglid

15. Molg

16. Lurm

17. Koponu

18. Drilg

19. Jaladari

20. Illigom

21. Mind-Slime

22. Plodder-Shell

23. Quintapoidal Fungi

24. Necropixies

25. Hagtessa

26. Ractur

27. Sanguinovore

28. Withering Mist

29. Rulak

30. Fantomist

31. Vilg

32. Grobbly-Bonk

33. Miasmagaster

34. Flutter Worm

35. Monoptrian

36. Yirgao

37. Elajess

38. Blatherer

39. Crannit

40. Crudiv

41. Xilmpa


  1. I'm going to always call these Vendesday Verks, and I hope you're OK with that.

    And let me guess - Crux of Eternity will be playtesting these, won't we? Joy...

  2. Now this is an interesting development indeed. It will be fun to see how things evolve across editions.
    Please feel free to ask us any questions that you have regarding the monsters -- there's a ton of stuff that just doesn't fit into the average blog-post...

    Welcome to our sandbox.

  3. Similarly, if you ever find that I completely missed the point of an entry, feel free to make a note of it.


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